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Located in Hotel Gobeo Park, the renovated Zapirón Restaurant opens its doors, a multipurpose and dynamic place. A new challenge in which Igor Caridad and Jorge Ezquerra have poured all their efforts into a place with an elegant yet casual industrial appearance, which transgresses all the rules so that it leaves no one indifferent.

The restaurant proposes four spaces:

- The cafeteria, which can accommodate 40 diners at its tables arranged at different heights, making it a very suggestive space where you can enjoy a coffee, lunch or enjoy a dish from the menu.

- The main restaurant for 60 diners, where its industrial style combined with a botanical soul and a carefully selected decoration create a unique atmosphere that invites you to share very special moments.

- Two multi-purpose rooms, which take on different forms depending on the event to be held. Like a business breakfast, a fashion presentation, sports, business meetings, exhibitions, a special day to celebrate with the office, banquets, communions, etc.

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